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Atyre që u flijuan për këtë vend!

Prej 14 Prillit webfaqja jonë me domain të ri!

Tue Apr 14, 2009 1:18 am by milan4ever

Webfaqja jon e cila deri me tash ka qenë me domain free( te Martes me daten 14 prill webfaqja jonë do te bëhet me domain zyrtar i cili do te jetë Pas një pune te palodhshme ne arritem te realizojm kete objektiv. Ju uroj …

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Kompjuterët netbook shënojnë rritje të madhe të shitjes

Mon Apr 13, 2009 2:43 pm by Admin

Sot të gjithë e kanë të qartë se laptopët netbook nuk janë vetëm një lloj mode e momentit. Një hulumtim i kryer nga kompania NPD u parasheh të ardhme edhe më të suksesshme për ta.

Laptopët e lirë miniatural gjatë …

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Microsoft shuan enciklopedinë Encarta

Mon Apr 13, 2009 2:48 pm by Admin

Një shënim i qetë rrëshqiti ngadalë në ueb faqen e MSN Encarta, që thjeshtë shkronjë pas shkronje tregonte për vdekjen e enciklopedisë së Microsoft.
Në lajmërimin e paraqitur, u bë e ditur se Microsoft po …

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    NBA Live 2003


    NBA Live 2003

    Post by Diar on Tue Mar 31, 2009 2:33 pm

    Yes, it's true... Nba live 2003, the best NBA live game of the series is here. Unlike the other threads at the time of this upload, nothing is ripped in this, commentary and music included...


    Most people seem to have little luck in using the "Check for Update" link in the Programs menu group. Try this method instead:

    1. Go to the official NBA Live 2003 website.
    2. Go to the Downloads section, and click on the official patch
    3. Wait until this page completely loads. You must wait until you are prompted to install an Active X component. Choose to install this component.
    4. Click on the "Check for Update" button. If an update is available, the button will flash between "Update Available/Install Patch".
    5. Click "Install Patch". Your browser will appear to be inactive, this is normal. Leave your computer to install the patch.
    6. When the patch has been installed successfully, the button will indicate "Patch Installed" with two thumbs up. Your browser will return to normal.
    7. Any problems you experienced with USB devices and skipping quarters should now be fixed.

    Please note that the official patch does not address any gameplay issues.

    I installed the patch, but I'm still having problems, help!

    Some people still experience problems even after installing the official patch, the reason for which is unknown. Perhaps EA's technical support might be able to shed some light on the matter.

    How do you enable custom art?

    Consult our Customisation Guide for in-depth instructions on enabling custom art and installing patches that use the custom art feature.

    I've installed a patch, but I want to get rid of it. How do I do that?

    In most cases, you can just delete the appropriate folder under the "render" folder. If you want to delete all custom art but are unsure of which files to delete, simply disable custom art by editing xstartup.cfg. If you are using a patch that has overwritten original game files, you can copy these from the CD (but make sure you remove the write protect on the copied files). If you are still having problems, get in touch with the person who created the patch.

    Will patches/updates for the PC version work with the console versions?

    Sorry, no.

    How do you download the NLSC NBA Live 2003 current roster update?

    Consult our Downloads FAQ for downloading instructions.

    Can you send me the NLSC roster update?

    Sorry, we don't send patches through email. Please download the file from the website.

    I'm having trouble installing the roster patch.

    Please check that you are trying to install the rosters in the correct location. Check out update.txt, included in the archive, for detailed installation instructions.

    Will you send me a copy of NBA Live 2003?

    No. Under no circumstances will we send anyone illegal copies of NBA Live 2003, nor will we provide information or support for pirated versions, cracks etc.

    How do you commit an intentional foul?

    Tap the Playcalling button on defense. If you're feeling particularly nasty, you can also run into other players using turbo, but this is usually less effective - more often than not, you'll run straight past them.

    How do you call timeout without going to the pause screen?

    Tap the Playcalling button on offense. Note this will not automatically take you to the pause screen if you want to substitute players/change team strategy etc.

    Can you use Freestyle moves without a dual analog gamepad?

    Yes, but in a very limited capacity. You cannot use Freestyle while moving, and it is much more difficult to execute Freestyle moves from the triple threat position. If you're a serious gamer, you might want to invest in a new gamepad - though you can still play NBA Live 2003 without using Freestyle.

    How do I slow down the gameplay?

    There are some "tweaked" rosters available that slow down gameplay with a moderate amount of success. The NLSC roster update includes a "tweaked" version. Unfortunately, "tweaked" roster patches are not suitable for Franchise Mode.


    If you have problems with applying the crack or finding it, this link is for you.



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